Miranda T. Ruiz, M.A., CCC-SLP

Ruiz, Miranda (new)

Miranda T. Ruiz is a Licensed and Certified Speech and Language Pathologist from Neuro-Communication Solutions, LLC. Recognizing that people are living and working longer and harder than ever, Miranda is focused on equipping communities with the vital skills needed to thrive on the path of longevity at both work and home. While the influence of technology continues to grow in our society, Miranda believes that the human connection remains the core substance binding us together as we progress toward the interdependent relationships we need to function as a successful community. Miranda serves as a Navigational speaker, offering practical solutions as we find our bearings and proceed through real-life and real-people situations. Miranda combines her background in Rehabilitative Speech and Language Therapy, Education, Human Resources, Caregiver Training Skills, as well as her own personal care-giving experience to provide a refreshingly comprehensive perspective. Noted for her “outside-the-box” approach, Miranda encourages others to follow her lead during her engaging and insightful presentations. A true life-long learner,
Miranda believes that continued learning is the key to optimizing quality of life and longevity. As she also speaks at conferences and other events, her commonly requested Personal and Professional Development topics include: Effective Communication, Burnout Prevention, Time Management, Creative Problem Solving, and more. Learn more at www.ncstrainings.com.


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