Dr. Mary Amore

Dr Mary amore – studio

Dr. Mary Amore, holds a Doctor of Ministry Degree in Liturgy and Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies from Catholic Theological Union. Dr. Amore is the author of Primary Symbols of Worship and the Call to Participation, as well as the creator of the DVD Series: Eucharist: Pathway of Transformation, Healing and Discipleship published by Pauline Media. A Cardinal Bernardin Scholar and distinguished member of the North American Academy of Liturgy, Mary has been a presenter at the LA Congress, University of Dallas Ministry Conference, Diocese of New Hampshire Ministry Conference, as well as conducting parish missions, retreats, and adult faith formation programs. Dr. Amore serves as the Executive Director of Mayslake Ministries in Chicago. Dr. Mary Amore is a proud member of the Catholic speakers bureau, CMG.


B.01 Living the Liturgy 10:10 AM Saturday