Brenda Noriega

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Brenda Noriega was born and raised in Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico. She has been in service to the people of God from a very young age, at parish level then diocesan. Brenda has a master’s degree in Pastoral Ministry from the University of Santa Clara. She currently serves the Diocese of San Bernardino as a coordinator of Young Adult Programs. Brenda collaborates on a regional level as a member of the Pastoral Juvenil Committee in RECOSS (Region Eleven Commission on the Spanish Speaking). She is also a member of the National Advisory Board for the Ministry of Young Adults from the USCCB. Brenda represented the United States in a luncheon with Pope Francis in January, 2019, and in an International Forum about Christus Vivit in Rome. Brenda is passionate of the discipleship and development of leadership, especially joining youth ministers on their journey in the service of God and the Church.